Newsteo Logger PFPN-LGR30-001

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Newsteo LGR30-001 is a device which enables to oversee at distance the temperature of an environment. The logger can transfer the data directly on a monitoring computer by radio frequencies or can store the data in its memory. The logger is sold without sensor. You can connect by yourself the PT100 you want to. STE52 is the Newsteo PT100 probe range, which is directly connectable on the LGR30. USE

The Data Loggers They are spread in the area which has to be monitored. They send to the RF-to-USB key by radiofrequency the measures they take. They can be wireless configured and updated.
The RF-to-USB Key It is the bridge between the PC and the loggers.
The RF Monitor This software is installed on the PC and allows the monitoring of the loggers.

  The loggers can be used in two different modes: Monitoring: The logger sends in real time its measures to the PC. If a measure is not received by the PC, it stores it inside its internal memory and sends it to the PC on the next communication channel. Recording: The logger records in its embedded memory the measures it takes. The user can download on the PC all the stored measures when he wants.

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