LogTag Logger UTRIX-16

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The LogTag UTRIX-16 satisfies the growing need for a cost effective and reliable multi-use temperature logger. It requires no special hardware or proprietary software to access the recorded data and can generate a fully detailed PDF report.
The UTRIX-16 stores real-time temperature readings over a measurement range of -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F), displays user-configurable alerts, and comes with an integrated, long-life USB connector.
The UTRIX-16 plugs directly into the computer USB for easy configuration by the user for a wide range of recording and alert conditions. Upon download, it automatically generates a fully detailed PDF report with the option to download the data using the freely available LogTag Analyzer software for a more detailed analysis.
A red ALERT indicator provides an immediate indication – without access to a PC – if any readings are outside the specified alarm values. A green OK indicator provides immediate visual confirmation that the logger is operating.

Automatically generates a PDF report and an Excel data file – no special download software required.
Automatically generates an encrypted LogTag data file – for a more detailed analysis.
Durable, reliable USB connector with gold plated contacts, designed for multiple insertions.
Up to 16,129 recordings – provides over 3 months logging at 10 minute sample intervals.

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