LogTag Logger USRIC-8 (single-use)

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Designed as a Single-use, cost effective & reliable temperature logger the USRIC-8 measures and stores up to 8000 real time temperature readings over a measurement range of -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F). The USRIC-8 combines all the features of an advanced temperature recorder. Capable of storing up to 8000 recordings Flashing red LED indicating an exceeded alarm at a glance. Robust and economical housing. Automatically generates an encrypted LogTag data- and PDF file. integrated USB connector – no separate Interface Cradle required. Up to two years’ shelf life before configuration (in standard sleep mode) and an operational life of 6 months. The red ALERT indicator provides an immediate indication if measurements exceed the specified alarm limits defined during programming. The green OK indicator provides immediate visual confirmation that the logger is operating. The USRIC-8 can be directly connected to the USB port of the computer for easy configuration by the user. A fully detailed PDF report is automatically generated on download. The freely available LogTag Analyzer software offers the possibility to configure the logger and view downloaded data more specifically for a detailed analysis.

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