Aranet Sensor T/RH

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Aranet T/RH sensors offer exceptional 3km line-of-sight range between sensors and gateways. It allows deployment of as many sensors as necessary to cover large areas while using a single gateway. Exceptionally low energy consumption expands sensor battery life up to 10 years.
– Aranet T/RH wireless sensors measure temperature and relative humidity.
– Aranet systems offer up to 3km line-of-sight range between the gateway and the wireless sensors.
– Aranet wireless T/RH sensors are extremely durable, have IP42, and can be placed in an open environment as well as indoors or humid locations.
– Aranet sensors offer up to 10 years of battery life of the sensors which ensures no frequent maintenance is needed.
– Portability of the sensors offers flexibility. Wireless devices can be moved when necessary without extra costs of installation or extensive planning.

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