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Aranet MINI is the perfect wireless solution for environment monitoring if precision, autonomy and long range is required. It has a built in barometer and 12 wireless sensors can be added to the network of one autonomous gateway.
– Aranet systems offer up to 3km line-of-sight range between the gateway and the wireless sensors.
– Aranet MINI gateway requires only a power socket to function, is equipped with touch screen and stores data locally, making it reliable autonomous solution for environment monitoring.
– Aranet sensors measure temperature, relative humidity and CO 2 levels.
– Aranet sensors offer exceptionally long battery life which ensures no frequent maintenance is needed.
– Centralized data aggregation saves time and money by eliminating potential human error and saving time previously spent on manual data readings.
– Installation and deployment is easy and intuitive.
– Portability of the sensors and the gateway offers flexibility. Wireless devices can be moved when necessary without extra costs of installation or extensive planning.
– These capabilities offer new solutions for different business sectors including food manufacturing, grocery stores, warehouse management, museums and exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants, agricultural facilities and many others.
The mini base station is only compatible with:

T-Compact sensor
T-probe sensor (all lengths)
T/RH sensor
T/RH IP67/IP68 sensor

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