The very first data logger.

Askey Data Logger Pioneer

In 1989, Askey Dataloggers started as a pioneer in the, until then, unknown world of portable data loggers. We specialized in the supply, service and calibration of data logging equipment for temperature, humidity, carbondioxide and analog signals.

Over the past 35 years, the people at Askey built up a lot of expertise. So after purchasing your product, you can always contact and rely on our in-house service center.

Products & Accessories

Being importer of Escort Data Loggers, KeyTag and LogTag Recorders, Aranet and Milesight (Wireless Monitoring) and SenseAir IR Gas Measuring, we offer a wide range of products for various applications .

To ensure that your products work correctly, can be read easily and last longer, we also offer the necessary accessories. These include external sensors, protective covers, wall mounts, interfaces and so on.

Compost sensors

Service & Development

We strive to ship every order (if in stock) immediately, so you can use your purchased products quickly. Our staff is happy to answer all the questions you may have regarding the installation and use of the products. Above all our technicians are specialized in maintenance, repair, calibration and adjustment of your data loggers.

To continue to offer quality, we are constantly working on further development of existing products. Every day we also work on new possibilities and new products. We therefore like to hear if you have suggestions and new ideas, so that our products will continue to meet your needs in the future.